With the power of real-time EEG feedback, train your brain to control and modulate neural networks associated with ADHD, Depression, and more. Change your mind! (if you dare).

EEG Brain Waves

Understand and potential treat Depression, ADHD, and more with EEGs

  • Depression: BCIs can target neural circuits associated with depression, offering personalized treatment and enhancing traditional therapies.
  • ADHD: BCIs can help in monitoring and training the brain to maintain focus, potentially reducing the symptoms of ADHD.
  • Epilepsy: BCIs can predict and prevent epileptic seizures by detecting abnormal electrical patterns in the brain and providing timely interventions.

Brain State

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Your brain's current mode is

  • DMN: Default Mode Network.
  • ACN: Active Cognitive Network.

Switching between these modes can potentially alleviate depressive ruminations.

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